We're Upgrading our Website

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We live in a constantly changing world on one hand, while on the other IT (Information Technology) is rapidly advancing at an even higher rate. There's an obvious need to adpat to these changes as the world advances so to our needs. We, as a result embarked on a venture to upgrade our website i.e make use of Newer Technologies to cater to the change in needs for our clients/customers and us. We're embarked on this new venture provide the following..

  1. More Security together with simplicity i.e. Simplified way of staying update with the latest distributions.
  2. More Functionality i.e. we have created a web system that will handle a multitude of tasks e.g. Constitution archive, Consultants database, Publication hive to mention just a few..
  3. Simplified Content Creation and Update processes
  4. Responsive i.e. Our Website can adapt to a multitude of screens i.e. Your computer, Your Tablet, and Your mobile phone. This is 3 in 1 website.
  5. Better Design. We take pride in what we offer and show to the public. We would want them to have the best..
  6. Better website hierachy

However some sections of the website may not work because of the on-going upgrading exercise. Do not be alarmed. Contact us if you need to know anything..