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I.0 Project Background

Kituo cha Katiba: Eastern Africa Centre for Constitutional Development (KcK) is implementing a project on electoral reform and justice in Uganda both aspects of growing and strengthening Constitutional law, aimed at contributing to enhancing electoral democracy in the country. The project involves 3 major components: monitoring compliance by the Attorney General with the orders of the Supreme Court in a public interest litigation (PIL) case (Civil Application No.05 of 2019) that challenged the Attorney General’s non-compliance with the orders of the same court made in Presidential Election Petition No.1 of 2016 and public awareness creation about the PIL case; a comprehensive study of the 10 electoral reforms proposed by the Supreme Court in the 2016 Presidential Election Petition; and a critical review of the 2016 parliamentary election judgements to ascertain their consistency and legal basis with a view to improving future adjudication of electoral disputes.

To execute the aforementioned projected objectives, KcK seeks to hire two (2) Legal Experts to offer technical expertise on the various activities to be undertaken under the project.

2.0 Duties and Responsibilities (Scope of Work)

The 2 legal experts will be support and provide technical legal expertise to the legal team handling the post-public interest litigation case as well as to other personnel under the project. They shall, among other assignments, participate in and provide technical and legal expertise advise in the;

  1. Review and analysis of the legal and political implications of the 2019 PIL Supreme Court ruling;
  2. Analysis of the AG reports made in response to the orders of the Supreme Court in the 2019 PIL case, to assess their compliance with the orders of the Court;
  • III. Discussions on the PIL and AG’s reports with the Legal Team;
  • IV. Legal Experts Forum that will discuss the 2019 PIL ruling and its legal and political implications on the governance trajectory of Uganda;
  1. Meetings of the PIL legal team that will monitor compliance by the AG with orders of Supreme Court on electoral reform in PIL.
  • VI. Author a paper on the 10 recommendations on electoral reforms made by the Supreme Court in 2016, the recent electoral reforms tabled in Parliament and the reforms passed by parliament in 2020;
  1. Review the 2 newspaper articles on PIL in English (later to be translated to 4 local languages);

3.0 Competencies/Requirements



  • A Master’s Degree in Law.  A PhD shall be an added advantage.

Work Experience:

  • Must be a lawyer of over 10 years standing;
  • Must have published widely with at least 8 years of professional research in the areas of good governance, rule of law, constitutionalism and electoral democracy with evidence of published articles in the above fields;
  • Must have a good appreciation of the constitutional and governance landscape of East Africa;
  • Experience and knowledge of best practices in electoral democracy developments within the East African region is desirable.
  • Experience working with/consulting for regional and national NGOs operating in the sphere of constitutionalism, rule of law and electoral governance is an added advantage


  • Excellent writing, editing, research, and proofreading skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal  and communication skills;

 5.0 Intellectual Property

All information collected under the project and outputs derived, shall remain the property of KcK for which it shall enjoy exclusive user rights. 

6.0  Duration of the Assignment

The assignment will be spread over a period of 3 months, starting on the 1st June, 2020.  

7.0 Consultancy Fees

Each consultant will receive an accumulated pay based on an agreed daily consultancy fee for a maximum of 21 working days for his/her services.

8.0 Application Procedure  

Interested individuals should submit their detailed CV to the Executive Director, Kituo cha Katiba, Plot 7, Estate Link Road, Naguru, or by email to: and copied to and by close of business on  30th April, 2020.