The Search for a National Consensus: The Making of the 1995 Uganda Constitution.

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In 1989, Justice Benjamin J. Odoki was appointed Chair of a Commissioncharged with the task of drafting a new Constitution for Uganda. Thiswas to be in every sense a “people’s” constitution, based on countrywideconsultations at every level. It was to address the serious issuesthat had brought years of economic chaos and human rights violationsto the country and look at ways of bringing about the fundamentalchange promised by the NRM Government.This book describes how a group of dedicated and committed patriotsand professionals fashioned a uniquely Ugandan Constitution. JusticeOdoki tells an amazing story that takes the reader from the selection ofthe Commission’s members through the organisation of their work, theirtravels and consultation meetings, the complex analysis of the people’soral and written views to the drafting of their final recommendationsand the content of the 1995 Constitution itself. In conclusion, JusticeOdoki looks at the successes and difficulties of the Constitution and theissues still facing the current constitutional review process.Contents: The Team; Getting to Work; Internal and District Seminars;Seminars for Institutions and Special Interest Groups; Sub-countySeminars; The Publicity Campaign; The People Speak: Memoranda andOral Submissions; Consensus – Towards a Social Contract; Controversy;Final Report and Draft Constitution; The Constituent Assembly andBeyond; Uniquely Ugandan: The 1995 Constitution; Conclusion.

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