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5th EAC Annual Conference on Good Governance Recommendations and Resolutions.

 The 5th EAC Conference on Good Governance took place on 14-15 November, 2014 in Bujumbura, Burundi. The theme was “Delivering Peaceful and Credible Elections for Sustainable Regional Integration-the role of Key Stakeholders”.The theme of 5th EAC Conference was anchored on the premises that democratic processes have a diversity of key stakeholders who play a crucial role in ensuring peaceful elections. It considered the broader political environment in the region noting that weaknesses in democratic governance structures often result in violent conflicts.The conference observed functioning democratic governance structures and institutions as vital to ensuring meaningful and sustainable peace, security and economic development, which in turn becomes a facilitator for regional integration.Security sector transformations were thought of as having a critical role to play in the promotion of the rule of law and in strengthening political governance, which made the security sector a crucial partner in the process of democratic consolidation.The conference provided an opportunity to dialogue on the challenges national elections pose and their possible mitigation frameworks to minimize threats to regional security, stability and development. By sharing experiences, challenges and possible solutions, it was hoped that the role of divergent stakeholders in attaining free, fair, peaceful and credible elections would be achieved.The Conference served as a forum where practitioners, experts and policy makers shared their experiences and accumulated knowledge on elections to promote stronger governance and contribute to resolving electoral related conflicts. 



Apr 11

A Comparative Review of Presidential Election Court Decisions in East Africa is now available at...